[DSFD-announce] CUDA competition at DSFD 2011

Alexander Wagner alexander.wagner at ndsu.edu
Thu Feb 10 12:48:57 CST 2011

Dear Colleague,

A brief update on the events at DSFD 2011:

Graphics Processors (GPUs) have recently become a viable alternative for 
high performance computing. At recent conferences we have seen an 
increase in presentations that utilized this new and exciting technology 
sometimes reporting up to a 100 times speed up over serial programs. We 
are excited to be able to announce the *NVIDIA Best Program Award* which 
will be presented at the conference.

We invite submissions of parallel CUDA programs for simulation methods 
related to this conference. Of these submissions we select a best 
program and the winner will receive a NVIDIA Tesla C2070. For details 
see dsfd.org <http://dsfd.org>.

Best regards

   Alexander Wagner
   Thomas Ihle
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